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Virtual Education Leaders Forums 2021

Virtual ELF21 on Zoom comprised of two separately bookable series of 4 x weekly sessions, for leadership  teams across the learning spectrum. The interactive series featured thought and practice leaders in live TED-type presentations and small group breakout conversations, reinforced by post-session presentation videos and other digital resources.  See ELF21 Series 1 Overview    

Education Leaders Forum 2020

-Leading Change & Managing Transitions

The advent of Covid-19 has made us all participants in a global experiment reshaping how we learn, work and live. Education Leaders Forum 2020 provided lockdown and other leadership case studies and conversations exploring how learning communities might change things for the better.

Leaders can’t “manage” change.  It’s too complex and no one has all the answers.  But they can lead change with a collaborative visioning and strategising process.  Elf 20 provided timely templates and resources, to engage your colleagues in your learning community on your challenges.

WITT and Otago Polytechnic were Co Principal Sponsors of Virtual ELF20.  More…
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Education Leaders Forum 2019

Education Leaders Forum 2019: Digital Divides, Dividends & Dangers 17&18 July, Dunedin, was the 13th in an annual series for education leaders and aspiring leaders from across the learning spectrum.

Otago Polytechnic was Principal Sponsor of ELF19 and hosted the event.  More…
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Education Leaders Forum 2018

Education Leaders Forum 2018: Valuing Educator-Revaluing Education – Valuing educators and revaluing education are international imperatives in an era of massive global technological disruption, accompanied by the expanding reach of digital platforms. Teachers are more important than ever as knowledge navigators.

With the change of Government there will be some wholesale changes to New Zealand’s education system. These include improving the rates of participation in higher education and modifying assessment regimes. The personal learning gains that count will be made by education professionals growing brains, opening minds and developing skills one learner at a time.   ELF 2018 was held on 8&9 August at the Millennium Hotel in Rotorua…More
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Education Leaders Forum 2017

Education Leaders Forum 2017: LIFE PASSAGES & LEARNING PATHS – making a positive difference to the life outcomes of individuals by understanding key developmental and environmental factors and identifying potential path changers in the journey from infancy to adulthood.  ELF 2017 was held on 23 & 24 August at the Millennium Hotel in Rotorua…More
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Education Leaders Forum 2016 – Tomorrow’s Skills

The tenth annual Education Leaders Forum was held on 23 & 24 August 2016 at the Waipuna Hotel in Auckland.

ELF16 was about understanding  the seismic shifts happening in the world of work, the demand for different skills and the implications for education at all levels. Education at any level is not just about preparing people for the world of work. However employment readiness and adaptability are important aspects for individuals, organisations and the wider society.


Seismics and the City 2016 was held on Friday 18 March at Rydges Latimer in Christchurch. The theme was Shaping Canterbury’s Future Now – Collaboration, Regeneration & Innovation.

The forum was the fifth in a unique cross-sector series involving representatives of public, private and community sector organisations and interested individuals sharing their visions and voicing their concerns and solutions for creating a vibrant, 21st century city in a prosperous region.

It was an opportunity to look back and reflect on the lessons of the last five years and to look forward and be part of the early engagement with the new post-quakes entities Regenerate Christchurch and Otakaro Limited.

ELF 2015 – Brain Changing & Mind Shifting

The ninth annual Education Leaders Forum was held at Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, Auckland on 25 and 26 August 2015. It was for education leaders and aspiring leaders from across the learning spectrum from early childhood to tertiary education and education stakeholders.

With the twin themes of Brain Changing & Mind Shifting – Neuroscience insights into learning and leading ELF15 focused on state of the science research and learning practices for boosting student achievement and effective leadership strategies for facilitating learning culture change with maximum engagement and minimum resistance.

There are important implications for all learners, not just those with disabilities, in a better understanding by all educators of new neuroscience and the general principles and specific practices of brain plasticity which assist learners strengthen weak cognitive capacities underlying learning dysfunctions through a programme of specific cognitive exercises.


The 4th annual Seismics and the City conference was held on 27 March at Rydges Latimer Conference Centre. It was a timely forum for representatives of public, private and community sector organisations and interested individuals engaged in the rebuilding of Greater Christchurch in the wake of the earthquakes of 2010-11.

The 2015 theme was Creating a Greater Christchurch – Sketching the Bigger Picture. It connected the dots on a broad canvas and fill in the bigger picture of recovery and renewal as rebuild momentum gathers pace. It also provided rare opportunities for cross sector feedback, input and knowledge sharing to enhance the quality of high level strategic planning and implementation. The direction of the recovery is as important as the speed.