NB Depending on Covid-19 Lockdown levels, ELF20 will either be run as two live events, per the venues and dates below, or as a spaced series of webinars and online meetings via Zoom.

Leading Change & Managing Transitions
– Engaging colleagues, prioritising key challenges and creating a 20/20 vision and strategy

Education Leaders Forum 2020 will provide case studies, templates and resources for busy education leaders across the learning spectrum to engage colleagues in prioritising and working on relevant education changes and challenges.

With the current waves of education reforms affecting all learning sectors it’s sometimes a struggle for education leaders to keep their heads above water.

In the wake of the two 2018 Education Summits and on-going working parties in many areas of education policy in 2019, 2020 is a crucial year for coming to grips with implementing policy changes. Turning education policy into action is a retail not a wholesale process; the only way is learning community by learning community.

Education leaders can’t “manage” change, it’s too complex and no one person has all the answers, but they can lead it as a collaborative process. View ELF20 Theme View ELF20 Programme Outline

Embracing Change
“…vision and strategy are as much about creating meaning for people as they are about establishing direction.”  Andrew Smith

To escape paralysis by over analysis, leaders at all levels need to be confident in prioritising the change agenda for their own learning community and competent in leading change and managing transitions. The sequence is the secret.

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Andrew Lukey andylukey@gmail.com

“…you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf”.
Jon Kabat-Zinn

“Education Leaders can’t “manage” change, it’s too complex…but they can lead it…”.

Contributors as at 11 May

Dr Lesley Murrihy
Amesbury School (on sabbatical)

Dr Peggy Burrows
Principal of Haeata
Community Campus

Trevor McIntrye
Education Consultant
and former Headmaster

Gillian Simpson
Project Director
Dilworth School, Auckland
and former Executive Principal

Michelle Sharp
Head of Internet of Things and South Island

Springboard for action

As well as providing authentic insights from a range of education leaders, ELF20 will be a springboard for action. A “How To” approach will give participants the opportunity to observe or take part in accelerated simulations of how to engage professional colleagues post-ELF in solving key education problems or implementing new learning initiatives. Registrants will be able to choose a relevant challenge to knowledge share and explore practical leadership resources to use in their own learning community.

Two Stagings of ELF20

The forum will be the fourteenth in an annual series involving New Zealand education leaders and aspiring leaders. There will be twin North Island and South Island stagings of ELF20, in New Plymouth 9&10 September and Dunedin 7&8 October. The Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki is the Principal Sponsor of the North Island Edition and Otago Polytechnic is Principal Sponsor of the South Island Edition.  View ELF20 Theme View ELF Feedback  View ELF20 Programme Outline 

“ELF20 will be a springboard for follow up action”.

Principal Sponsors

NI Edition 9&10 September

New Plymouth

SI Edition 7&8 October