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Virtual ELF20 Feedback

Leading Change & Managing Transitions

ELF20 Virtual. Live. Spaced.
Because of Covid-19 past disruption and future uncertainties, as well as time and financial constraints affecting present and aspiring education leaders, ELF20 was a spaced series of 5 weekly 90 minute interactive Zoom online sessions.  There was  a balance of stimulating input and small group breakout conversations, supported by follow up digital resources.

Leadership Lessons
The advent of Covid-19 has made us all participants in a global experiment reshaping how we learn, work and live. Education Leaders Forum 2020 provided lockdown and other leadership case studies and breakout conversations exploring how learning communities might change the way they do things for the better in the light of recent experience.

Leading not Managing Change
With waves of education reforms already on the horizon, on top of the  pressures of implementing remote and physically distanced learning and the new challenges of a recessionary Covid Economy, it will be a struggle for education leaders  to keep their heads above water.

Leaders can’t “manage” change.  It’s too complex and no one has all the answers.  But they can lead change as a collaborative visioning and strategising process. ELF20 provided timely leadership insights, maps and resources to engage your colleagues in your learning community on your challenges.  ELF20 Theme    ELF20 Programme  

Photo Credit:
Andrew Lukey

“…you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf”.
Jon Kabat-Zinn


Dr Peggy Burrows
Principal of Haeata
Community Campus

Dr Megan Gibbons
Chief Executive,
Otago Polytechnic

Pat Armitstead
 Wellbeing Coach,
Pat’s video intro


Dr Kerry Spackman
Leading Cognitive Neuroscientist


James Davidson
Patea Area School

Gillian Simpson
Project Director Dilworth School, Auckland
& former Executive Principal

Michelle Sharp
Head of Internet of Things and South Island,
Vodafone NZ

Andy Kilsby
Director Employability
Otago Polytechnic

Ben Naughton
Manager, Secondary, Tertiary Pathways

Hana Lambert
National Executive,
Career Development Association of NZ (CDANZ)

Trevor McIntrye
Education Consultant
and former Headmaster

Virtual ELF20 Benefits for your learning community 

  • Virtual Live ELF20 comes to each registrant’s device via the free Zoom Meetings app
  • Registrants safely share leadership knowledge and network in uncertain Covid times
  • Lower registration fees plus group discounts and no travel, accommodation or reliever costs
    make total costs  much lower than in-person forums
  • Register a critical mass of senior colleagues and build momentum for positive change
  • A spaced, digestible series of 5X 90 minute weekly sessions avoids the feast/famine syndrome
  • Small group Zoom breakout conversations after each input session help process key points
  • Post-session digital resources, including presentation videos, enable wider collegial sharing

Bringing ELF20 to You

“Thinking outside the square- total rethink-not just tweak… involves two basic processes: escaping from your current view of the situation, and searching for a much better view of the situation.” Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

Via the Zoom platform Education Leaders Forum 2020 provided virtual live leadership case studies and access to digital resources for education leaders to engage colleagues in prioritising and working on relevant New Zealand education changes and challenges. To stimulate and inform professional conversation there was informed input on timely issues from highly credible educationists. ELF20 participants  from across the learning spectrum gott a  real feel of how they can use methodologies and resources to enhance their leadership skills and improve collegial collaboration.

”… a spaced series …of weekly 90 minutes interactive Zoom sessions …”

“… informed input on timely issues from highly credible educationists…”

Zoom Breakout Sessions
After TED-length live presentations and panel chats,  participants had processing and discussion time in small group Zoom Breakout Rooms. This gave registrants the opportunity to find out what is happening upstream and downstream of their own sector as well as opportunities to pick up on current sector issues with colleagues and network.

Post Session Resources
The essence of feedback is that the effect of an action is fed back to alter that action.” Edward de Bono

After each ELF20 weekly 90 minute session,  digital resources were made available to participants to facilitate knowledge sharing inside their own organisations. The Digital Packages comprise video recordings of live presentations, other video excerpts, Slideshares, research papers etc.

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”… processing and discussion time in small group Zoom Breakouts”…

Embracing Change
“…vision and strategy are as much about creating meaning for people as they are about establishing direction.”  Andrew Smith

Education leaders at all levels need to be confident in prioritising the change agenda for their own learning community and competent in leading change and managing transitions. The sequence is the secret.  Via ELF20, individual registrants, or groups of colleagues took advantage of group discounts, to be able to share knowledge, explore key issues, and build professional networks.

Our Sponsors
ELF20 was the fourteenth in an annual series involving New Zealand education leaders and aspiring leaders. Co-Principal Sponsors are Otago Polytechnic and the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki.  More at ELF20 Theme 

“ELF20 will be a springboard for follow up action”.

Thank you to our Co-Principal Sponsors