Co=Gen Catalysts

-Personal and Leadership Development for Millennials+

Catalyst  “… an external agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.”


Focus on Your Future

“… Focus provides tools of goal-setting not dealt with elsewhere.” Accountant

“Resources were excellent, enjoyed the programme. Concept of balance was excellent.” Manager

“Excellent, thought-provoking, stimulating.”  Police Officer

“Great ideas – well founded and superbly expressed. Helped me to ‘focus’…”  
Recent Graduate

“… clarifies in practical terms where your desire and aims lie.” Account Executive

“Time out to re-evaluate directions and goals.”  Chartered Accountant

“Excellent and well presented. Thoroughly enjoyed the total day.”  Manager

“I found the course stimulating and a good starting point for my personal development.” Director

“It gave me the ability to attain the goals that up till now have been a confused mass in my mind.”
General Manager

“What marvelous potential you have opened my eyes to by using the concept ‘accomplishing more by doing less.”
  Sales Person

Virtual ELF20 Feedback

“…. you have done such a fabulous job… … I was really impressed with the functionality and the way you managed to put us into breakout spaces and the seamless integration of speakers and their Powerpoint presentations.” Gabrielle Carroll, NZ Police

Earlier ELF Feedback

“  I enjoyed the event. It was the best organised I have ever attended in NZ. And good fun as well.”  Dr Phil Silva, Founder, Dunedin Longitudinal Study

“Congratulations on the calibre of ELF … and the deep focus on equity, excellence, belonging and wellbeing. Thank you for the good work you do to promote engagement with evidence across education networks.”   Dr Adrienne Alton-Lee, Chief Advisor, Evidence Synthesis-BES, Ministry of Education

“I have known Lyall since 2008 when he was a key planner and instigator of the Education Leaders Forums (ELF). He is smart and articulate around the educational issues that matter most and in my experience works hard to create events that connect interesting thinkers and doers.”   Pam Hook Director, Hooked on Thinking

“I enjoyed the cross sector focus. The opportunity for networking is a strength…” Anon