May the TaskForce be with you

Lyall Lukey – Opinion Piece Education Central 24 May 2108

What is needed downstream of the two recent Education Summits and The Education Conversation-Kōrero Mātauranga which closes on 31 May, are on-going live and online opportunities for continuing dialogue and feedback Read More at May the TaskForce be with you

The May Education Summits

If the Education Conversation – Kōrero Mātauranga it is to be more than a tick-the-box consultation the dialogue needs to be anchored to a sound evidential foundation. Educators and others now have access to a large body of new information about brain function, how humans learn and effective professional development, among other things…. Beyond talking the talk it is important to think strategically about how to provide those at the learning interface-especially learners, teachers and parents—with the maps, the guidance, the opportunities and the resources to actually walk the talk.  More at The May Education Summits: Talkers and Walkers.

Education Central

The Education Conversation

The Education Conversation – Kōrero Mātauranga, which opened 23 Mar and closes 31 May 2018, has so far allowed more than 5,000 New Zealanders have their say about the future of education, some via some face to face discussions, the majority by filling in an online survey . It is aimed at providing some content for the two Education Summits. Have you had your say? More at The May Education Summits: Talkers and Walkers.