Co=Gen Catalysts

-Personal and Leadership Development for Millennials+

Catalyst  “… an external agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.”

Co=Gen: Bridging Generations-Nurturing Talent  Infinity Bridge UK 

Now available in-house at dates and times to suit.

Growing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Co=Gen is a personal and leadership development programme on the Zoom Platform for people in the age range 21-39 with leadership potential.

For the future of the organisation it is imperative to support, retain and develop talent now.

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Module 1: Focus on Your Future

To help participants re-focus and set and get new balanced goals,  Focus on Your Future comprises 5 x weekly 75 minute small group Zoom Meetings, with a spaced diet of food for thought and action plus digital reinforcement resources.

Who in your organisation would benefit from this opportunity to develop self-management and leadership skills?

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ELF21 Series 1 Overview  Contributors  Programme  Registration Options 

Virtual Education Leaders Forums 2021

Virtual ELF21 on Zoom comprised a series of 4 x weekly sessions, from 9 June, for leadership  teams across the learning spectrum. The interactive series featured thought and practice leaders in live TED-type presentations and small group breakout conversations, reinforced by post-session presentation videos and other digital resources.  See ELF21 Series 1 Overview    


Since 1997 SmartNet, a brand of Lyall Lukey Resources Ltd, est.1987, has facilitated knowledge sharing, innovation and networking across sector boundaries through short live events supported by online resources. SmartNet has convened and run annual  Education Leaders Forums since 2007 (see ELF19 overview and feedback 2007-19).  Past major event series have included SmartNet workshops 1997-2009 and Seismics and the City annual forums (2012-2016).


"Thank you Lyall and team for a terrific conterence.... it is a world-class event..." "I think this was one of the best ‘conferences’ that I have been to." "I have attended numerous conferences around the world and wish to compliment all concerned as this has to be as good as I’ve seen, both in terms of focus and of content." "Best organised conference I have ever attended." "Brillant event. Innovative, fun and refreshing." “Many thanks, nice diverse crowd” “….Awesome conference thanks. I am recommending this to everyone.” “… I enjoyed the event. It was the best organised I have ever attended in NZ. And good fun as well.” “All round satisfaction – Worthwhile 2 days.” “Networking – being challenged by provocative speakers many opportunities for discussion…” "It was a wonderful event with a great, diverse group of attendees. Thank you for inviting me to share our research findings."


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