Virtual ELF20 7/9-16/9/2020

Session 5 07/10/20 Feedback

Knowledge Navigation
Presenter: Dr Kerry Spackman

Selected Chat comments and other feedback

“I always hated Maths, but this is fascinating!”

“My boys would absolutely love this… they hate writing everything at school, they don’t see the point. But voice recognition, linking to ideas etc would be awesome.”

“This highlights the connections which means the information is easier to understand and retain as you are firing on my synapses etc, BUT it also simplifies it too so the content is easier to recall/picture and build on, which enhances creativity too.”

“What an amazing programme to be involved in with minimal financial risk.  Fabulous for Kerry and his team.  Wish I was 50 years younger in terms of my career.”

“Thanks Kerry – I’ll be in touch once I get your follow up pack. “

“Thanks Kerry and your team.  Fantastic.”

“Thanks Kerry – a wonderful tool! Keep to support and develop at WHS.”

“The John Campbell interview is on the Breakfast TV Facebook page too everyone!  https://vimeo.com/465595326/9549df5e1b”                              

“Thank you very much Kerry and Rachel & team. Great presentation and very interesting product! Look forward to the follow up pack.”

“And thanks to you too Lyall, and Sue for the tremendous work over the last several months.”

“Thank you so much to everyone and Kerry.”

“Thanks Lyall and everybody!”

“Thanks all!”

“Thanks Lyall, much appreciated.”


Session 4 30/9/20 Feedback

Learning and Earning in the Covid Economy
Presenters: Ben Naughton, Andy Kilsby, Trevor McIntyre, Hana Lambert.

Selected Chat comments and other feedback

“Great session- thanks very much!!! Really appreciate your extra effort today- well worth it!!

“…there were some excellent discussions held.”

“Kia ora everyone, I have to leave but thank you all for the opportunity to speak.”

“Thank you everyone. Big hello to Hanna and Ben. Well done both of you.”

“Thank you for the email and the organisation of the event, I thoroughly enjoyed the session…”


Session 3 23/9/20 Feedback

Leading Change and Managing Transitions. Presenters: Michelle Sharp and Gillian Simpson

Selected Chat comments during  ELF20 Session 3 Zoom presentation.

“This is fascinating. I’m working on transitions from school to training and employment for young people. I am keen to expand this to helping young people with learning needs with more wrap around support for them, their schools and their teachers.…”

“Inspirational – thank you”

“Fantastic Michelle – hugging you over the ether!”

“That was great Gillian”

“Need more time!! Very stimulating”

Thanks again for great dialogue!”

“Thank you for the email and the organisation of the event, I thoroughly enjoyed the session this week”

“Thanks’ great speakers this evening”

“Really good topics today with pertinent points”

“An excellent session – very informative and enjoyable – Kia ora Gillian”

“Fantastic. Thank you. I’m inspired “

“Great session Lyall.  Very stimulating – people do not know what they’re missing sadly”

“ Like the way you involve people interactively after each input session. Have been to some highly produced online events which are just one way without real interaction.’”

Session 2 16/9/20 Feedback

Leadership, Learning and Professional Growth
– Adopting the best from the past, adapting to current realities and keeping a clear eye on the future Presenter: James Davidson

Selected Chat comments during James Davidson’s  ELF20 Session 2 Zoom presentation.

“great slides thank you…a real window into your world”

“you are painting a great picture….”

“the reality is the gift….”

“I worked with 2nd chance learners while in NZ….I loved that 2 years….yes come from love ….see them as great….make a contribution”
“As an organisation we have spent 18 months investigating and agreeing on our WHY. The Simon Sineck video was a catalyst. Now we have got to a space where we are on our why and also our how and our what. That information runs through our whole organisation from position descriptions and advertisements for staff to our decision making about what work we take on. The WHY is central.”

“Your creativity is a huge resource….”

“Ka pai tō korero James… ko te mea nui – he tangata he tangata he tangata”

“Thank you James – great to hear your story. The school is blessed to have you.”

“Thanks James great talk kia ora”

“Awesome James”

General Comments

“From a parent, thank you to all the teachers in the hui.”

“Thanks Lyall and everyone”

“personal resilience is important and those that you serve….other teachers and students !!!!”

“Thank you Lyall, it’s been a great session”

Session 1 9/9/20 Feedback

Lockdown Leadership Lessons. Presenters: Megan Gibbons and Pat Armitstead

“A great opening Megan”

“Thanks Megan, so much of what you share resonated with me :)”

“I love number 5.  Management and leadership are two different things”.

“Bringing about the best in everybody.  Love that – why are some managers scared of people in their team who are “better” than the manager?”

“Thank you Pat, much food for thought for me as a leader of people .”

“…thank you Pat, I really enjoyed your session. I am an ethnographer who studied nurses’ emotional communication – so found your presentation really valuable:)”

“Thanks so much to all the speakers –  great opportunity for sharing learning and experiences..and also thanks to the gentlemen in our chatroom”

““…thanks Pat! I liked coming back to the same group too”

“Thanks everyone! See you next time :)”

“Well done !!!!”

“…. great Lyall… you have done such a fabulous job…I was really impressed with the functionality and the way you managed to put us into breakout spaces and the seemless integration of speakers and their powerpoint presentations.”

Education Leaders Forum – Earlier Editions

“I have known Lyall since 2008 when he was a key planner and instigator of the Education Leaders Forums (ELF). He is smart and articulate around the educational issues that matter most and in my experience works hard to create events that connect interesting thinkers and doers.”

Pam HookDirector, Hooked on Thinking

“….thanks for a great two days.”

Sharon JolliffeStudent Support Manager, Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre (Masterton)

“It was a great conference, with some excellent speakers. Congratulations to the team who put it together.

Roland HermansNZ Police

Thank you so much for organizing such a great conference. It was a perfect size and combination of people and, as a guest, I was made to feel welcome and respected….”

Lyn JonesEvaluation Assist

“It was a wonderful event with a great, diverse group of attendees. Thank you for inviting me to share our research findings.”

Dr Moana TheodoreCo-Director of the National Centre for Lifecourse Research (NCLR

“I just wanted to e-mail to say thank you so much for the Leaders’ Forum this week. I got a lot out of what I heard and really enjoyed the opportunity to network with other professionals.”

Myra PatonPrincipal/Tumuaki

“….Awesome conference thanks.  I am recommending this to everyone.”

Nikki ParsonsTe Rito Maioha Early Childhood NZ

“Thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed the event. It was the best organised I have ever attended in NZ. And good fun as well.”

Dr Phil SilvaFounder, Dunedin Longitudinal Study

“…what I saw was great and I also heard a lot of positive feedback from those who were there for the whole time. Well done.”

Dr Craig Jones Deputy Secretary, Evidence, Data & Knowledge, MOE

“All of the speakers were very inspiring and validated my work with young children. We have a wealth of information to take back to our learning cluster, the networking was great and the feeling of being a part of a great group of educators was very present. We are excited to have invited Dr Phil Silva to visit our kindergarten. This was excellent – I loved the 30 minute presentations. 10/10

The panel was a really good way to give this message – I enjoyed the cross sector focus”. The opportunity for networking is a strength at the forum. A lot of people are on their own so it’s easy to make a conversation. Speakers are all accessible and easy to talk to. The timing, planning, communication etc are all a credit to your team. I think it’s an amazing opportunity for learning, sharing and making connections. It is great to learn in such a broad content.”


“Thank you for inviting me to take part in such a significant event! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt a huge amount! You and your team did an amazing job!!!”

Minnie BaragwanathChief Executive, Be. Institute

“On behalf of the Committee for Canterbury, I wanted to thank you for an excellent conference on Friday. Seismics in the City was a thoughtful and well-convened event that, I felt, provided an opportunity for different aspects of the entire community to come together and trade experiences and to ask questions……”

Erin JacksonExecutive Director, Committee for Canterbury

“Thanks for all your work on the Seismics project… I’m sure its effects will be felt for generations.”

Michele Moore

“Congratulations for once again organising a very successful event!”

Keith WalkerConsultant