Co=Gen Catalysts

-Personal and Leadership Development for Millennials+

Catalyst  “… an external agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.”

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Now available in-house at dates and times to suit.

Module 1: Focus on Your Future

Module 1 Focus on Your Future focuses on whole life balanced goal-setting and building support networks. More on Module 1

Registration Entitlements
Registration (see below*) covers 5 x once a week 75 minute Zoom meetings, comprising stimulating input and small group breakout conversations.  These are reinforced between sessions by useful digital resources.

The commitment is just to this life-changing foundation module.  Follow up modules are available.

Investment in your future

Option 1 is an online registration for an employee or associate of your organization for Open editions of Co=Gen Module 1, at the Standard Rate of $785+gst pp.

Option 2 is 2 registrations for employees or associates of your organization to  Co=Gen Module 1 at the “Running Mates” rate of $705+gst pp.

Option 3 is 3 or more registrations for employees or associates of your organization to Co=Gen Module 1 at the Group Rate of $675+gst pp.

Option 4 is bigger discounts for In-House editions by arrangement.

First Step?

Easily manageable outside of regular work hours, Co=Gen 1 can be a valuable one-off goal-setting and leadership development experience by itself, or the first step on an escalator of spaced modules supporting ongoing personal and leadership development. More at Benefits

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