…Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk

Educators have access to a huge body of new information about brain function and how humans learn and also about professional development. The key is to walk the talk. ‘Walking the talk’ matters in the use of evidence for transformative education’ is the title of a recently published invited paper for the International Bureau of Education – UNESCO Project: ‘Rethinking and repositioning curriculum in the 21st century: A global paradigm shift’. It was written by Dr Adrienne Alton-Lee, Evidence, Data and Knowledge, Ministry of Education, NZ. (November 2017) and is a treasure trove of resources for professional development. It points people to key papers, videos and other accessible digital resources…

Leading Professional Development

The challenge for busy education leaders is to devote more time to leading professional development in their own learning communities. The challenge for the education system is to provide appropriate support to education leaders to enable this. Professional knowledge sharing through Communities of Learning are already helping in this respect.

Implementing key research findings educates and empowers our rising generations to build a better and more sustainable tomorrow by equipping them today with the appropriate “learning to learn” knowledge and “learning to do” skills…

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