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= “Excellent information and some useful strategies to take back to school.” “Really refreshing to listen to educational ideas for the future.“ “In ECE we work on identity/wellbeing/belonging first then more to distortional learning driven by child interest- everyone else finally catching up” “Fantastic – new ideas to take back to the classroom.” “Great variety of speakers around topics that were so relevant to all sectors of education. I took away a lot of new gems of information and ideas.” “A great forum” “…great to listen to people talking about the ‘how’ to educate children for the future and acknowledge culture.”

ELF18 Speakers

Prof. Toby Greany
Prof. Leadership & Innovation, IOE
& former Director London Centre for Leadership in Learning, UK

Dr Mere Berryman
Assoc. Prof; Faculty of Education,
University of Waikato

Vaughan Rowsell
Founder of Vend and

Dr Amanda Lynn PhD
Managing Director,
Mandolin Associates

Phil Ker
Chief Executive,
Otago Polytechnic

Mark Treadwell
Education Consultant,
Mark Treadwell Consultancy

Ass. Prof. Roberta (Bobbie) Hunter
Institute of  Education,
Massey University – Albany

Paula Tesoriero
Disability Rights Commissioner,
Human Rights Commission

Xanthe Sulzberger
McAuley High School, Auckland

Heather Lowery-Kappes
National Executive Member

Hon.Tracey Martin
Minister for Children

Jackie Talbot
 Group Manager, Secondary-Tertiary Group, Ministry of Education

Shaun Brown
Regional Manager, Youth Justice
Oranga Tamariki

Dr Annelise Kamp
Head of School of Educational Studies & Leadership, UC

Andy Kilsby
Manager Secondary Tertiary,
Otago Polytechnic


“ School leaders need to be proactive leaders of teacher learning as the latter affects student learning… effective school leaders do not just work on vision, acquire resources and manage the school; in addition they mobilize the group to get results… making progress is especially critical for the main goal of education; that is ‘to raise the bar and close the achievement gap’ for all students.”  Prof. Michael Fullan   Updated foreword to BES School Leadership and Student Outcomes

Leading Teacher Learning
School leaders need to be proactive leaders of teacher learning as the latter affects student learning… “ Prof Michael Fullan  Updated foreword to BES School Leadership and Student Outcomes

Busy education leaders need time away from the urgent to focus on the important. They returned from ELF18 refreshed, inspired and equipped with research-based ideas and resources for professional development in their own learning communities.

On a 5-point scale 94% of respondents rated ELF18 Excellent or Very Good.

Valuing Educators and Revaluing Education

Valuing educators and revaluing education are imperatives in an age of technological disruption. Teachers are more important than ever as knowledge navigators in an ocean of digital data

Downstream from the two May 2018 Education Summits there are impending wholesale changes to New Zealand’s education system. But learning that really counts will continue to be at the retail level, with education professionals growing brains, opening minds and developing skills one learner at a time.  More on ELF 18 Theme/Strands

Effective professional development

“Out of 947 source reviews the New Zealand Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis Programme’s Teacher Professional Learning and Development BES was found to be the most consistent and rigorous. [This] has substantively informed this new evidence about what it takes to develop great teaching that makes a difference for student achievement. ”  UK International Reviews into Effective Professional Development, 2014.

New Zealand is an international leader in laying the research foundation for enhancing professional teaching and learning. The challenge is how to turn research into practice. Effective education leaders motivate teaching colleagues to mobilise knowledge and apply research. By bridging the gaps between knowing and doing they more effectively grow brains, open minds, develop skills and stimulate creativity.  View the ELF18 Programme

Who Attends ELF?

“Congratulations on the calibre of the ELF conference… and the deep focus on equity, excellence, belonging and wellbeing. Thank you for the good work you do to promote engagement with evidence across education networks.” Dr Adrienne Alton-Lee, Chief Advisor, Evidence Synthesis-BES, Ministry of Education.

Education leaders and aspiring leaders from across the learning spectrum participate either as individuals or in small groups. Participants can access digital resources like Slideshares for sharing with colleagues post-forum to multiply the professional development benefits of ELF18.  Register your Interest Now for ELF19!

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"Thank you Lyall and team for a terrific conterence.... it is a world-class event..." "I think this was one of the best ‘conferences’ that I have been to." "I have attended numerous conferences around the world and wish to compliment all concerned as this has to be as good as I’ve seen, both in terms of focus and of content." "Best organised conference I have ever attended." "Brillant event. Innovative, fun and refreshing." “Many thanks, nice diverse crowd” “….Awesome conference thanks. I am recommending this to everyone.” “… I enjoyed the event. It was the best organised I have ever attended in NZ. And good fun as well.” “All round satisfaction – Worthwhile 2 days.” “Networking – being challenged by provocative speakers many opportunities for discussion…” "It was a wonderful event with a great, diverse group of attendees. Thank you for inviting me to share our research findings." "Great couple of days and many thought provoking snippets."