Co=Gen 2020

Online Leadership Development for Millennials+


Silververve is an evolving and involving network of lively mature facilitators, coaches and mentors aimed at bridging generational divisions and exploding age stereotypes.

Expert knowledge, associated with higher level skills, is stored in brain cells known as dendritic spines – a metaphorical silver lining which protects against ageing.

In an age awash with digital data Silververve seeks to revalue the worth of mature knowledge and wisdom to individuals, organisations and the wider community through the Co=Gen Coaching programme.

Mature Knowledge and  Skills  Photo: Andy Lukey

“…And it’s hi ho silver liningI see your sun is shining…  Jeff Beck Hi Ho Silver Lining

Valuing Experience
Silvers are more interested in re-tyrement than retirement. They want to remain mentally, physically and socially active. Above all, they want to still make a difference to individuals, organisations and the wider community.

They look forward to a new lease of life in their Third Age by being involved with younger people, especially those in the 21-39 age group, via the Co=Gen coaching programme, where they can share their knowledge and experience as well as learn from members of younger generations by valuing their skills and opinions.

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“Serious question. Why, when presented with hard evidence of the value of experience, do employers treat this most valuable asset so carelessly?”   Arnold Kransdorff, specialist in knowledge management and experiential learning.

Silver/Millennial Affinity

Learning and Progressing
There is a natural synergy between Silvers and Millennials+ comparable to that between grandparents and grandchildren. Our bi-focal approach encompasses the needs of both age cohorts. It focuses on what each can contribute to the other – and what they can achieve together by changing mindsets, attitudes and behaviours.

The younger group brings energy, familiarity with devices, data and information and lots of challenging questions; the older group brings knowledge and even wisdom, plus an understanding of leadership, values, strategy, and the power of soft skills.

Co=Gen: Bridging Generations
While we must avoid stereotyping anyone, young or old, because of their age we can still make some useful generalisations about generation perspectives, without “cartoonising” other generations than our own. Current stereotypes are reinforced by social media.

Bridging the chasm with intergenerational collaboration

“…we need to think of older people as a resource.”  Liz Baxendine, Age Concern President

“…the elderly are a huge resource. They are our… memory sticks. They know and represent tradition and experience and skills which young people do not have…”  Prof. Yoram Barak

Co=Gen is a way to transcend academic learning with a vast array of life experience.

People can be reluctant to mix with those they assume to be different from themselves. But without these interactions, we lose the capacity for reality checks and to see the humanity in others.

Intergenerational Collaboration
Democracy is built upon on our ability to vigorously disagree while ultimately finding sufficient common ground to forge a consensus and move forward. Mutual respect is  essential if we are to address challenges like turning ideas into innovation, taking action on climate change and combating racism and religionism.

“The older generation has a lot of experience, but we have ideas, we have energy, and we have solutions,”  Natasha Wang Mwansa, an 18-year-old activist from Zambia who campaigns for girls’ and women’s rights.