Leading Change & Managing Transitions

The core target audience is education leaders and emerging/aspiring leaders-especially those transitioning from teaching to management or leadership roles in their learning communities.

Present and aspiring education leaders need to work on developing the soft skills ingredients of successful education leadership and management and on enhancing the learning culture in their learning communities.

Cross-Section of attendees

As a network of education networks ELF attracts a unique cross-section of attendees from across and outside the learning spectrum, including:

  • Education leaders and aspiring leaders from early childhood education to tertiary education and training interested in improving their hard and soft leadership skills
  • Those involved in professional and leadership development in an education setting
  • Groups of educators from either single learning organisations or from clusters interested in developing shared momentum for professional development initiatives.
  • Stakeholder representatives from the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education Commission and other education stakeholders involved in policy development and implementation in regards to enhancing learning achievement. Members of school governance boards and tertiary councils.
  • Employers and others interested in the transition of young people from education to work.
  • Parents and community groups interested in a balanced curriculum and learning equity.
  • Professional and business associations interested in sharing different perspectives.

“The core target audience is education leaders and emerging/aspiring leaders”

“…education leaders need to work on developing the soft skill ingredients of successful education leadership…”

“Congratulations on the caliber of the ELF conference… and the deep focus on equity, excellence, belonging and wellbeing. Thank you for the good work you do to promote engagement with evidence across education networks.”  Dr Adrienne Alton-Lee, Chief Advisor, Evidence Synthesis-BES, Ministry of Education  2018

ELF20 developed further some strands from ELF19 Digital Divides, Dividends & Dangers, ELF18 Valuing Educators-Revaluing Education, ELF17 Life Passages & Learning Paths and ELF16 Tomorrow’s Skills. These events focused on making a positive difference to the life outcomes of individuals by understanding key developmental and environmental factors, identifying potential path changers in the journey from infancy to adulthood and mapping knowledge and skills pathways relevant to the fast changing world of work.   ELF20 Theme   ELF Feedback   ELF20 Programme Outline

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