Annual Education Leaders Forums help education leaders and aspiring leaders:

  • Understand how different parts of the learning system can better collaborate and be more responsive to the changing needs of an innovation economy
  • Apply examples of research findings to teaching and learning practice and the on-going development of children, young people and adults.
  • Transform learning cultures,  lift learning achievement and promote ongoing soft and hard skills development for  educators and learners


As a network of education networks ELF attracts a unique cross section of attendees from across and outside the learning spectrum, including:

  • Education leaders and aspiring leaders from early childhood education to tertiary education and training.
  • Groups of educators from either single learning organisations or from Communities of Learning Interested in developing momentum for professional development initiatives.
  • Stakeholder representatives from the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education Commission and other education stakeholders involved in policy development and implementation in regards to enhancing learning achievement through knowledge building and the development of hard and soft skills
  • Employers interested in the transition of young people from education to work and in strengthening New Zealand’s Innovation economy.
  • Those interested in digital developments including education and other public sector policymakers,  education leaders, classroom teachers and EdTech vendors and consultants.
  • Professional and business associations interested in sharing different perspectives on education and training.
  • Parents and community groups interested in education developments and learning equity

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