Co=Gen 2020

Online Leadership Development for Millennials+

Coaching: The Need

Steve Hansen is a great rugby coach. He wasn’t an All Black. Beauden Barrett is a great rugby player. He isn’t a coach. The main difference is their age, their experience and their roles. The All Blacks have long benefitted from coaches with knowledge and experience plus excellent people and motivational skills.

For many of us, ‘soft skills’ such as strong social and collaboration attributes come with age and experience.. It is essential that these skills are developed earlier in younger generations, especially Millennials aged between 21 and 39. They are our emerging leaders.  Prime Minister Jacinda Adern was 37 when she assumed office.

Some see soft skills  as easy skills. But it takes a lot of practice to master soft skills such as team working, engendering discussion, problem solving and managing conflict.  An on-going series of Co=Gen modules, building on the Foundation Module, will provide a menu of spaced learning opportunities with coaching input and feedback. More on Coaching…

Harnessing natural energy        Photo: Andy Lukey     

Harnessing the energy of those they coach is what all our great coaches do, as exemplified by 2019 Netball World Cup winning coach Noeline Taurua. This is also what the Co=Gen Coaching Programme aims to do by mixing the knowledge and experience of still active mature people with the energy and talents of young people open to discovering and applying what they didn’t learn in the education system.

“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.”
Pete Carroll, American football coach

Keeping Millennials on board
If organizations don’t invest in them, valuable members of this age group will leave their organisations prematurely. A recent LinkedIn study showed, however, that 94% of them would stay in a company longer if it invested in their career development. The imperative is to harness their energy and skills and accelerate their personal and leadership development.

Millennials on board     Photo: Andy Lukey 

The Silververve Co=Gen programme brings together Silvers and Millennials in a structured programme with a mix of live and asynchronous knowledge sharing, coaching and mentoring. The 4 weeks part-time foundation module can be taken as a one-off powerful learning experience or as the first in an on-going sequence.  More on Programme…

Natural Synergy
There is a natural synergy between the two generations like that between grandparents and grandchildren. The bi-focal approach encompasses the needs of both in terms of what each can contribute to the other by changing mindsets and behaviours.

The younger group brings fresh energy, familiarity with handling data and information and lots of challenging questions. The older group brings knowledge matured by experience plus an understanding of leadership and the power of soft skills.

Engaging positively with rising generations is vital – they are the future of our organizations and our country. This website explains different ways you and/or your organisation can take advantage of the unique coaching opportunities for emerging leaders to contribute more value and enhance their lives.


Learning and Progressing
Millennials are well established in the world of work but their career expectations are challenging the norms.  Currently aged 21-39 they will make up 75% of the world’s working population by 2025.

In a world awash with digital data, coaches and mentors are more important than ever as knowledge navigators .

Millennials often have to go it alone. They don’t have some of the personal and leadership development opportunities that helped nurture and support older people when they were the same age. There has been a decline of young people’s service clubs and church youth groups, which provided older generations with personal and leadership development opportunities and community values.

The ability to engage with Millennial colleagues is critical to fostering an inclusive, innovative and productive organisation culture. It is important to learn what matters to Millennials and what motivates them in order to recruit, retrain and retain them. More on integrated support…

“Deloitte notes that amongst millennials, the ability to learn and progress is now the principal driver of a company’s employment brand. And we’re not walking the talk so well; Deloitte notes 42% of millennials say they’re likely to leave because they’re not learning fast enough.”    Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2017

Personalised Learning
Without buy-in across all management levels, Katrina Watt says, companies will miss out on the productivity and competitive gains that personalised learning can provide. A 2017 study by LinkedIn found that only 4% of CEOs recognise the return on investment of such programmes.

1984 research by educational psychologist, Benjamin Bloom, found that students who received personalised instruction outperformed 98% of those who did not. Bloom challenged the academic community to replicate, at scale, the effectiveness of personalised learning. This call, was unmet – until quite recently.

Fast forward almost 35 years and personalised learning is now not only widespread in schools, but in organisations large and small. ATD Research says that today 83% of organisations globally offer some form of personalised learning.

Through technology, the opportunity to study anywhere, anytime and at any speed has never been easier via online tools such as webinars, whitepapers, video and more advanced learning technologies.

Realtime Projects
Traditional tertiary education roles and responsibilities are changing, especially in vocational education and training, a sector currently undergoing widespread change.

Co=Gen provides a powerful mix of  group and 1:1 online training and coaching, with a balance of reflection and action. Working on a real-time new work project or initiative anchors the programme in the new realities of a fast changing world.


“Employees want more control over what they learn, when and how…Personalised learning engages individuals beyond what can usually be achieved in conventional environments, such as classrooms or group training, and gives employees and companies the opportunity to target specific capability gaps.”   Katrina Watt