Education Leaders Forum 2019: Digital Divides, Dividends & Dangers 17&18 July, Dunedin, is the thirteenth in an annual series for education leaders and aspiring leaders from across the learning spectrum. Otago Polytechnic is Principal Sponsor of ELF19 and will host the event.

In a digitised world the nature of learning, work and everyday life is changing rapidly, with huge implications for education and training.

Thirty years on from its creation by Tim Berners-Lee,  the “public” internet can be accessed by a portable pocket-sized digital tool box. Since 2007 the Smartphone has become ubiquitous, mobilising access 24×7 to up to 60 billion webpages.  The democracy of the web and its applications – the opportunity for individuals to access information freely and have a voice online – brings both dividends and dangers.

In a world awash with digital data teachers are more important than ever as knowledge navigators.  ELF19 will help education leaders, practitioners and learners bridge digital divides, unlock digital dividends and avoid digital dangers. Information travels at the speed of light but knowledge and wisdom do not.

“In a world awash with digital data teachers are more important than ever as knowledge navigators.”

Balanced Blended Learning
Enabling technology is a key tool but not the whole toolbox for growing brains, opening minds and developing the mix of technical and soft skills needed in an innovative society. Blended learning strategies, which optimise the positive benefits of ed-tech while minimising its harmful effects are very effective for all concerned.

Whatever digital devices are used in a learning setting the focus should always be on developing the thinking power of the free spinetop computer with which every learner is equipped at birth.

The Spinetop Computer+

Digital Divides
Access to technology and the development of digital skills is essential for people to fully participate in society and the economy.  The Ministry of Education has strengthened the Digital Technologies strand in the New Zealand Curriculum effective 2020.  More>>>

Digital Dividends

The digital transformation of life enables individuals to play a bigger role in their own learning and careers, in partnership with educators. The fast changing world of work requires a mix of both technical skills and soft skills like critical thinking, communication, empathy and decision-making.  More>>>

Digital Dangers
There is growing evidence of the addictive power of digital technology. All learning communities need to develop strategies to support their students’ development of digital citizenship, online safety and wellbeing.  More>>>

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“ There is growing evidence of the addictive power of digital technology.”

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