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Creating a Greater Christchurch
Envisioning. Engaging. Energising

Seismics and the City 2015 will be run on 27 March 2015 at the Rydges Latimer Conference Centre, Christchurch. The 2015 theme is Creating a Greater Christchurch - Sketching the Bigger Picture.

The 2015 forum will be the fourth forum in an annual series involving representatives of public, private and community sector organisations and interested individuals engaged in the re-building of Greater Christchurch in the wake of the earthquakes of 2010-11.

Christchurch is at a tipping point as it moves into the 5th year of a largely top down disaster response and recovery process. The countdown has started for the transition from centralised control to much more distributed local ownership of issues and solutions.

The forum will connect the dots on a broad canvas and fill in the bigger picture of recovery and renewal as rebuild momentum gathers pace. It will also provide opportunities for feedback and input by those who wish their voice to be heard in shaping a renewed Christchurch.


Brain Changing & Mind Shifting

Learning and leading insights from new neuroscience

Register your interest for 2015, to be held at Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, Auckland

View Education Leaders Forum 2014 overview, feedback, resources and videos.

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The eighth annual Education Leaders Forum Enhancing Learning Culture was held at Rydges Latimer, Christchurch on 21 and 22 August.

Learning culture is the invisible force that shapes professional behaviour and student achievement. Nothing is more important or potent than culture. ELF 14 focused on how to tap into what is really going on in the culture of a learning community in order to enhance positive learning practices.

The Government's evolving Investing in Educational Success (IES) initiative has implications and lessons not just for the compulsory schooling sector at which it is aimed but for any education organisation from early childhood to tertiary which wants to lift learner achievement, professional job satisfaction and the status of the teaching profession.

ELF14 provided a neutral forum and a wider frame to explore and shape some of the key IES proposals. It also provide a forum for education leaders to share professional insights into how they have gone about enhancing the learning culture of their education community by strengthening professional engagement, learning development and knowledge sharing.

View links to online resources, including videos and photos; Steve Simpson's resource documents.
View ELF14 Feedback and IES group discussion summary.
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Register your interest in ELF 2015 - being held 25-26 August 2015 at Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, Auckland


Steve Simpson - Cracking the Corporate Culture Code
3 separately bookable short events

Friday 22 August 2014
Venue: Rydges Latimer , Latimer Square, Christchurch
Organisational culture is the invisible but undeniable force that shapes people's behaviour in any organisation. Nothing is more important, nothing can be more potent than an organisation's culture - it is the key determinant of the performance of any work team or business.

Australian Steve Simpson is an international speaker, consultant and author. His concept of UGRs® (Unwritten Ground Rules) is a simple and practical tool to understand and improve organisational culture. [add his photo] Steve offers three separately bookable events-a breakfast presentation, a workshop and a masterclass.


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Building Momentum

Building Opportunities
Building Collaboration
Building Innovation
Building Confidence
Building Connectivity
Building Communities
Opportunities + Collaboration x Innovation= Canterbury's Future

The third annual Seismics and the City forum was held on Friday 28 March 2014 at Rydges Latimer, Christchurch.

In house Training

Dr Derek Roger - The Challenge of Change - Growing personal resilience and managing stress
"An extremely practical programme but with a solid research foundation - inspires confidence in the training."
The disrupting experience of the seismic events of 2010-2012 and their aftermath have put people in Canterbury under extra pressure in their personal, family and work lives.

Growing personal resilience may be the key to successfully working through these challenges.

The Challenge of Change programme is a well-regarded 1 day workshop which gives participants the tools to handle change and manage stress more effectively.
Developed and taught by Dr Derek Roger, one of the world's leading stress management experts, it is a practical system that provides effective research-based tools for coping more effectively.

Dr Roger's practical tools and strategies to help people be more productive and healthy are based on his more than 30 years medical experience and ground-breaking research in this area. Before migrating to New Zealand he initiated an innovative programme of research on stress and health at the University of York, drawing on his expertise in personality and psychometrics as well as his clinical experience.

The findings have been published in over 120 journal articles, books and conference papers.

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The Challenge of Change

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